The Tour to Iron Culture - European Culture voyage

What is iron culture?

Iron has been the most commonly used metal in Europe for more than 2500 years. The history of iron culture was started by changing brass, in the middle of the first millennium before Christ. One could not imagine the development of mankind without iron: as „the metal of war and peace", iron has appeared in all fields of life. The extraction and processing of iron needed heavy work, and in line with the progress of technical development, iron industry has provided work for more and more people, in larger and larger factories, all over the world.

In the past millenniums, the iron culture has been evolved, which, in a broader sense, includes not only the tools and equipment applied for extraction, but also the work-sites, the trace of people processing iron, and the material and intellectual cultural memories related to iron.

Let discover the memories of Central-European iron culture in Hungary and Slovakia! Visit the sites, experience the life of struggle of our predecessors and get to know their work, broaden your knowledge, and find new experiences!

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